Steinbeck Imitation

In class, we imitated Steinbeck’s descriptive writing from Of Mice and Men. 

I imitated his writing by writing about a place that I love, Lake Tahoe. It’s called, “The Relaxing Lake.”

A few cabins down, there is a narrow street with special trails on both sides. After walking down the left trail and crossing the street, you walk down the right trail-only to get to a brown, rusty, old, unstable dock. While standing on the pokey dock, you hear the birds chirping and the ducks quacking. The tall rocky mountain across the lake has melting snow trickling down the steep terrain, and slowly making its way into the frigid, bright blue lake. The sun is always sparkling like a diamond, and there is always a light breeze blowing your hair back.

To look across the lake is breathtaking, for there are different aspects of nature each way you turn. Straight ahead is the huge, grey rocky mountain that everyone wonders about climbing. To the right is the rest of the blue still water, surrounded by huge trees of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Behind you is the man made dock that has nails poking out at every step you take, and crawdad nets hanging from the sides. To your left is the other part of the never ending lake. Little birds fly overhead, and ducks slowly float their way around the water not caring about a thing. While everything is at rest and you’re looking around, you start to not care about anything and realize all your worries are slowly starting to vanish.