Blog Challenge 6 – How I can attract readers to my blog

I think that I will attract readers to my blog by writing things that other students can relate to, and having flashy pictures. If I have pieces of writing that can relate to/be similar to what other people feel and agree with it will attract readers. I also think I will attract readers to my blog because I will comment on other students blogs, hoping that they will look at my blog. Having flashy pictures on my blog and good writing will keep the readers connected with what I am doing and almost cause a friendship online.

Landscape Writing~Blog Challenge #4

As the sun went down, and the water calmed, the noises vanished. The clattering sounds made by children slowly faded away, as the elderly were wobbling to their beds, and the lively teenagers were just waking up to experience the night. The water slowly swayed from left to right and the fresh crisp air made all the teenagers gasp for air, hoping that each inhale they would take would be little bit of warmth. With excitement flowing in the breeze, the teenagers would slowly meet on the dock. Forming groups with friends, walking off with their “special friend”, or being left alone, they would line up along the sea shore skipping rocks or laying down in the smooth bright white sand staring at the stars. This was the time the teenagers could be who they want and see who they want. The sunset was something beautiful and something that came naturally-showing the teenagers that they were all beautiful and something that was purely natural and original. No sunset on that precious meeting point also known as the dock was ever the same. That was what was so beautiful about it, every night when the teenagers would meet and watch the sun go down and the moon rise higher, they would see the beautiful majestic sunset. The colors that man kind will never be able to be define slowly starts to form an interesting galaxy in their young confused heads. The kids who snuck out to watch the sun go down were the risk takers and the ones that needed to be noticed as someone who not the same as anyone else. But, when those strict parents couldn’t accept that their kid wanted to be different, they would walk aimlessly and aggressively along the sand screaming their child’s name- as the child would stand there in horror debating whether to reply back and leave with their parents, or… (Now I invite you all reading this to continue the story!)